Handicap Betting

Handicap betting

Handicap betting

A betting handicap can work for or against you depending upon your understanding of it. Thus to increase your odds at winning you need to have a basic knowledge of it. Handicapping is prominent in events which earn points like football, soccer, rugby, basketball and so on; it is not something done in all the events. It is also seen in horse races.

Handicap betting is also known as the ‘spread’. This basically involves giving a particular selection a deficit or a handicap to overcome at the beginning of the event. Thus if you choose the other selection you may gain a head start. So in handicap betting points are added to one side or the other before the event begins.

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Handicap betting is done to even the play. It helps level the playing field and makes the competition between the favorite team and the underdog team much more interesting and exciting.

There is only one handicapped side in a match up. There is definitely some glitch if you see two handicapped sides in any game. Handicap betting requires thought and attention to details. Say for example there is a team X and a handicap adds a point or two to the odds of team X, then it means that team X is the underdog team in this game. They are the team given a head start or an advantage of sorts to level the playing field.

Thus it is basically so that both teams have equal chances. The term ‘scratch’ or ‘scr’ are also used in place of handicap betting. Handicap betting is offered in one of four ways. They are listed as:

Handicap Betting – Match

In a match or a game the handicap match betting gives a player or ateam a handicap to overcome. Thus a team or player gets a head start while other has an obstacle to overcome. Now you have to bet on the winner of the game considering this handicap factor.

Handicap match betting gives you a chance to bet on a handicap tie selection

No Draw Handicap Match Betting

This effectively eliminates the possibility of a handicap tie occurring. It is similar to handicap match betting in its nature of operation. In this type of matches teams are given a handicap of half a point or by half a point.

If a No Draw Handicap is applied to a game or an event wherein a draw has taken place then in such a situation all stakes will be considered to be void

Handicap League Betting

As the name suggests they are for the span of the whole season of the competition or for the entire duration of the championship. The team which is estimated to be a favorite starts with a handicap of zero.

At the end of the season or the championship or the series the handicap points are added to the total actual points of each team and then the winner is decided.

Asian Handicap

This type is generally popular in football. It is called so as it is very popular in Asia. Asian handicap odds are represented by decimals.

Thus this is the way in which handicap betting works. This is the crux or the gist of it. It will help you get started.