Betting Hacks

betting hacksTired of losing? Are you in a rut and want to rid yourself of the losing streak? Then my friends I believe herein within this article lies the solution to your problem.

But before that one thing needs to be made clear these betting hacks tips or rather this cheat sheet won’t do you any good if your foundation is weak. Know all the basics about betting. Know about the game, read about the types of bets you can place, read the advice by experts, learn to read what the odds show you and then take sound decisions.

Try some of these betting hacks and turn over a new leaf. Leave your losses behind.

  • Ensure that you are playing with a good sportsbook. This may seem very basic but believe you me it makes a hell of a difference. Multiple sportbooks are also a great idea. You could even compare prices and tips
  • Figure out what works for a game like say for example in football point spread is followed so straight up winners or total bets don’t account for anything mush here. So in football you should bet on bad teams rather than the good ones, they cover you and if correct pay more
  • Keep records of your wager. Analyze what types of bets work for you. On which types have you successfully gained some level of understanding and expertise. keep doing that which works for you and chuck the rest
  • Learn to manage your money properly. Don’t squander it all away on a single bet. bet smaller amounts and stay in the game longer
  • Learn to cut your losses early rather than chasing them
  • Don’t fall for the build up and believe some game is the game of the century. A lot of times betting tips are over hyped. So remember if something seems too good to be true it may be because it actually is too good to be true!
  • Before placing a wager check out the weather conditions. They can make or break a game too. So account for the weather and then take a decision
  • Join a forum or a blog. Interact with other people, exchange information and tips. Some might surprise you with some really great advice buy learn to distinguish between a good advice and a fake tip. Learn to weed out the bad and keep the good
  • Educate yourself about the game, about the odds, the scores and so on… Such knowledge never goes waste and also proves to be extremely beneficial
  • Look out for injuries. If a good player is injured or may not play a particular game then obviously it will affect your odds. place your bets accordingly.


Follow these tips diligently and I am sure you will start being more successful whilst betting. You will be able to cut your losses and get higher and better payouts. This will enable you to stay in the game longer and gain more experience and time to master the art of sports betting.

All the best and with all the betting don’t forget to have fun!