Betting arbitrage

Betting arbitrage

An arbitrage or an arb as it is popularly called is basically taking advantage of the difference in the odds between the bookmakers. This is done to secure a profit irrespective of the result of any given event.

The stakes generally have to be very high if you wish to have any worthwhile returns from arbing. This is because the standard return on investment from a single event will often be around 2% of the mark. On certain events it is even possible to gain returns or a profit as high as 5%. 

Nowadays there are many odds comparison tools available in the market. These odds comparison tools have made arbing easier. However over the years they have never encouraged arbing. That is anyways not what they were developed in the first place. Their primary use is to compare the odds and facilitate a proper selection of the right bookie with whom to place the bet.

Arbing is popular in many games and sporting events. However they are most popular in events wherein there is a possibility of only two outcomes. arbing is thus very popular in tennis matches and darts matches and of course the snooker matches too.

Fewer bookies are involved with arbing. The number of bets placed are also slightly less. It is also fairly easy to understand the odds and also to calculate or determine the amount to be staked while placing a bet.

Arbs are not easy to come by. Often arbs can be difficult to find. To solve this problem sometimes an event that doesn’t originally have odds which are large enough to an arb are turned into an arb. This is achieved by taking advantage of a bookmaker’s offer or a bonus or even a free bet. Of course your returns would differ depending upon your choice.

You need to find out about some of the offers bookmakers offer on major events. It will require some research on your part. So don’t play blind. Acquire a basic understanding of the working of an offer and how it will be operated.

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Arbing is not illegal. However there are certain risks involved with it. The bookmakers often frown upon arbing. Sometimes it may have consequences for which you are not prepared for like for example you may find your betting accounts to be closed or may be have heavy restricted placed on your account without any prior warning whatsoever.

Then there is the fact that you have to be very quick while arbing. Speed is very vital since it’s not like you are the only person who would notice an arb. You need to use this chance well. If a lot of other bettors have already backed the arb prior to you then this will affect your odds while you place the bet. This may sometimes also cause the odds to change. You may even lose out on a good opportunity.

Sometimes an arb is available as there was an error made on part of the bookmaker. In such cases the bet is deemed as a void bet. Arbs have high chances of the occurrence of human error. They need to be carefully accounted for. Always double check your calculations and think carefully before placing bets.